Monday, June 1, 2009

Flaunt your Love for NY

The itch to travel
It´s not that I´m not enjoying the wonderfulness that is the District, with its newly minted, rock-star President (people are still wearing glittered obama hats on the bus), it's just that there is a place I am itching to see again. Just for a day or two. Certain songs sound like a place that you have been. Like Ismael Serrano always sounds like Madrid, but Regina Spektor sounds like the East Village, NY. That's where I want to go, back to NY.
Sometimes, you feel assaulted in New York because there are so many people rushing in distinct directions, kids being pushed on 45th and Broadway on their way to eat as many chocolates as they can get away with in the Hershey store. But then, there are quiet streets in Brooklyn and Manhattan where you are in New York and it feels energizing and mezmerizing. You turn right, there´s something that calls your attention then you turn left and there´s a guy using the wall as his personal canvas and you want to see what he has to say in such vibrant colors.

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