Sunday, August 30, 2009

Scavenger: I found...

A few things that I have made me smile this wkend may work for you:
Vivo per lei by Andrea Bocelli- I know it's become popular to take a practical approach to feelings. In He's Not that Into You (or, He's An Asshole, I'm a Spinless Dormat) Ginnifer Goodwin taught us that being too interested is a turn-off. But I still love the torrid unambiguous "yes" instead of "yeah, maybe we could like hang out." This song is just such an avowal - unabashed passion dripping like warm honey from his throat. What a voice. The song is dedicated to his muse, Musica. But I think it doubles as a love lyric too.

I like a good family saga as much as the next person but movies about brave people are in themselves brave becasue they dare to be conspicuously philosophic, introspective and even sentimental. If you have been under a rock, perhaps you have not heard of Meryl Streep's latest trip through the gourmande Julia Child's life. Even Mrs. Child would agree with Writer-Director Nora Ephron: "Meryl plays all of us better than we play ourselves."
Poppy by Zee Avi. Young artist, produced by Jack Johnson's Label. Hazy voice, sharp digs, ironic narratives. My personal favorite is Honey Bee, it´s delicate in sound but trenchant in content.
filmfreakcentral. net and it's twin blog - for someone who listens to movies in the shower, I don't know why it took me so long to find this website. Perfect example of don't judge a website by its front page. At first site, filmfreak is dark, a bit tacky and frankly seems disorganized. But then I read this incisive description of the website: and swooned. Wheee. A new crush.

Roman Polanski's character in The Tenant asks his beatnik girlfriend a great philosophical question, which I'll paraphrase here: If I cut off my arms, I say, "This is me, and these are my arms." If I cut off my legs, I say, "This is me, and these are my legs." But if I cut off my head, do I say, "This is me, and this is my body," or "This is me, and this is my head."? What right does my head have to say it's me?
I know how I'd answer that question.
I love to write. I love to watch movies. I love to read. Film Freak Central is for people who share these passions.
This is me, and this is my website.
-Bill Chambers, Editor-in-Chief

shop-a-matic - I enjoy getting clothes but I hate to shop and I especially hate to shop for diaphanous rags that I can put my finger through. New York Magazine, which is quickly running up my list of favorite webs, has put together a list of ideas and their Shopping section puts up a Best-Buy buy every day. I found these multi-purpose boots...Ride in them, splash in the warm summer rain, storm through cold autumn puddles. Incidentally they are kinda sexy. Functional is sexy. And, they remind me of Betty Draper's horse riding boots.

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Adela said...

those boots are so great! =)

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