Thursday, July 9, 2009

Flaunt your dark secrets

Dark Corners
- What's the place like?
- Good. Good. Full of dark corners for doing dark deeds. - LoveActually

Last night we went to dinner at Saigon Bistro, a little DC gem of a Viet restaurant, conveniently off the Red Line metro. I am addicted to their food especially the shrimp vermicelli. As usual, the food was excellent. What was unexpected was the flurry of strapping young black men and some sexagenarians who walked up and down the block as we snarfed down large chunks of food between clumpsily held chopsticks ---when in the Saigon Bistro, do as the Viets.

Two by two these individuals would walk out of a nearby club and disappear under Nyx's cape into an alley one block up the street.

We tarried a while longer, eating slower as our bellies got full...

Every now and then the Romeos would saunter out of the alleys; some as if they had never met before. One man obviously had forgotten to zip it up.

P.S. What are you hiding?

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