Saturday, September 26, 2009

Art Review: A Crutch is a Ladder

La vida es sencilla, somos quienes la complica. La belleza tambien es sencilla, somos quienes la ensucia. He encontrado a un fotógrafo completamente original y su originalidad se debe precisamente a que haya sabido coger en las manos la belleza sencilla. Completely unostentatious, I give you Chema Madoz, whose name reminds me of Mago de Oz (Wizard of Oz). Puns and wordplay abound because he is a conjurer of spell-binding photos.
Madoz is a Spanish fotographer from Madrid whose work uses the juxtaposion of simple objects to create metaphors, humor, irony. etc. Galleries of his work displayed on his website, title-less, so that the viewer can make his own interpretations.
My favorite pieces are Earrings because of the confluence of hearing/ears, jewelry/headphone/accessory - a multifunctional artifact.

I also loved the Latter-Crutch which mixes, in my understanding, elements that are conventionally opposed - weakness and strength. Latter makes me think of ascension, higher, better whereas crutch is emblematic of needy, weak, handicap. This photograph says to me that they are two sides of the same beast - ingenuity. A crutch is a ladder.

So, if you need a punch of inspiration, hop to to one of his exhibits or check him out on the internet.

P.S: Have a creative day!

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