Thursday, November 5, 2009

Grand Gestures

In theatre class, they always say "exaggerate everything." Taking a page from the thespian handbook,
Martha Beck, a magazine columnist and counselor, urges her readers and clients to double everything. Apparently, people only notice about 50 percent of what we think they notice about us. So, if you're afraid of dancing for fear of falling down in public. Cut your fear in half because your audience will only be half of what you think it is.
"Double the social behaviors you usually limit," Beck prods. "The energy with which you communicate, the intensity of the colors you wear, the number of times you laugh, the clarity of the opinions you voice."
While I loathe half-hearted "appropriate" gestures like chocolates and red roses on Valentine's Day, I love heart-felt grand gestures. This woman, Vanesa from Sevilla, apparently really likes this guy and wanted to let him know at their wedding ceremony. Instead of the typical priest-led drudgery, she did this. Even if you don't understand Spanish, you will feelher love.

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