Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Filmoteca: Mad as a Hatter

I am tittered by the news that Tim Burton will regale us with his rendition of Alice in Wonderland. When I was little my favorite sequence was the tea party which in the Disney version was the unbirthday party. "A very happy unbirthday. To me? To you. To me!.."

I have just reread the original text in English and the nonsense logic that befuddles the Mad Hatter is so funny and relatable. He was accused of murdering the Time and after this quarrel, "he won't do a think I ask," the Hatter laments. Time won't let him move the clock and so he is stuck at tea time every day, every hour, and every minute.

I am looking forward to the
anthropomorphic flowers. The Red Queen already looks vicious, and John Depp as the Mad Hatter is right on.

Sometimes I feel that Time mocks me. It´s true that at times I insist on beating him (I can be cruel, it´s true) or even kill him with idle occupation. When I treat him like a friend I can stuff everything I like between dawn and dusk. He is a jolly companion; he chuckles at your stumbles yet breaks your fall...


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